“Oh no, not another restrictive diet suggestion. What ELSE am I doing wrong?”

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You’re unsure if these tips will work or — if you’ll have the discipline to follow through.

Still, you’re curious and hope to improve your health, well-being, and energy levels.

Maybe you’re here because you often feel sluggish and drained of energy.

Maybe you’ve put on too much weight.

You want to change.

You want to enjoy a lean body, buzzing with energy to put towards your goals, friends, and family.

I’ll show you why eliminating these three poisons from your diet will unlock your health and…

You feel confused because important habits just won’t stick with you.

What does stick are those pesky unproductive and unhealthy habits.

They certainly do stick, like… well, like goo, let’s say.

You’re thinking: “There must be some way; it can’t be that hard.”

I can’t wave my magic wand and make those habits stick for you. It’s not that easy either.

But when you know the right steps, it’s almost as easy. I’m speaking from experience.

I invite you to experiment with me. For the sake of this experiment, forget what you think you know about habit formation. …

You’re pushing yourself and doing what you can to achieve that critical goal you’ve set for yourself.

You work overtime, try to take care of all the factors. You’re putting in the work, and you know you do.

Yet when you check for progress––nothing. It’s so frustrating and annoying.

At times it even seems that you are regressing! To be blunt, you feel completely stuck.

What should you do? Work harder? Put in more effort?

That can’t be it… There has to be something that you haven’t thought of, something that’s eluding you.

Let me introduce a new perspective, followed…

What if you knew with full confidence where your ship of life is going and had complete clarity to say No to what’s unessential and zone in on what’s essential for achieving your top priorities with ease? Let’s talk about how to do that, starting with your Why and then developing the awareness to seperate what matters from what hinders your most important ventures. …

Standards are clear rules that we uphold. Things we expect and tolerate — anything that goes beyond that we don’t tolerate. We don’t consort with people, engage in behaviours, say things or engage in thoughts that do not meet our standards.

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If you’re having a strong internal compass then you’re going to feel centered and grounded. You’re not going to be destabilised by what other people or life throws at you. Without standards anything can come in — there’s no protection from outside influences.

Your Vision

A standard really is rooted in a goal or vision. If we have no vision then…

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I want to share a very simple tip that helped me to increase my productivity and feel more comfortable in my environment and about myself: Cleaning up! This means organising and tidying up your desk, workplace, your room or apartment — however big you want to take it. Learning to appreciate order and the huge value it can have for your life.


Our environment affects our mind. Imagine you are walking on the street and there is litter everywhere. You’re not seeing the litter and think: “Amazing — there’s litter lying around!” Instead it’s something that may annoy you or…

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How can we consistently achieve the results we desire and perform at a high level and do so even when initially we may lack motivation, energy or inspiration? Is there a process through which we can fulfill our own expectations as well as meet external deadlines while enjoying the process? Is there a way to feel pleased with ourself and our ability to follow through consistently?

All of us sometimes lack motivation to do what we should do and/or feel internally blocked. There might be stagnation, a lack or energy or negativity may start creeping in. It seems like: “Wow…

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Why is sleep so important and how can we drastically improve our sleep quality? I’ve been listening to a great audiobook called “Sleep Smarter” by Shawn Stevenson. Applying the tips and strategies from it I was able to improve the quality of not only my sleep, but my waking time as well. Following these simple tips you can do so almost “over night”.

Why sleep is so important

Sleep isn’t merely time where we are unconscious. It is a time where our body rests and regenerates itself. There are a lot of hormonal processes happening in our body during sleep. When we take great care…

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Planning is everything; The plan is nothing“. That’s a quote by Dwight D. Eisenhower, but what to make of it?

Once we have a clear goal we can devise a plan. By anticipating the future and crystalizing action-steps we imagine a path that can lead us to our goal. Next we start executing. Once our actions meet the real world, something amazing happens: Learning! (actually we might not always enjoy this step

Most likely our plan isn’t going to work out as we initially thought it would! If so we have to realise that: The plan is nothing. We have…

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Let’s talk about staying connected with your own energy and “frequency,” regardless of what is happening around you.

At times people might be unsupportive or have a mean attitude towards you. We’ll talk about how you can stay positive, centered, and aligned with your own heart regardless.

How can you separate what’s going on for other people from what’s going on for you? I’ll show you 3 key points to empower yourself by taking full responsibility for your own thoughts and behavior.

For many years this was a big issue for me. I have always felt a lot of emotions…

Lukas Weichselbaum

My purpose is to inspire you to hold yourself to a higher standard and improve your character. So you can enjoy harmony within your thoughts, words and actions.

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